18 - 25 Countryside Residential 

6th to the 8th of August in Stackpole, Pembrokeshire

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Any Questions Please contact Tom on 07752258511 or email tom.platt@interplay.org.uk

If you have not handed in the form yet could you please send it to the above email ASAP, either as a document or take a clear picture of both sides of the form and send those pictures.

Leaving Times for the 6th of August 

Pick up Times for the 8th of August

Address for Pick up and Drop off :


The Stackpole Centre

We have the 'Kestrel Bunkhouse' section of the estate which has access to bunk style rooms, a lounge/ dining area, its own kitchen, games room, private courtyard and fire pit. 

There are two 'wings' to the upstairs and rooms will be discussed with the young people and allocated in the safest and fairest ways. There is a link to download the floorplan of the Bunkhouse below so you can see for yourself. 

For further information regarding the Stackpole centre please refer to their website:


Or for more information about the Kestrel Bunkhouse in particular visit:


With this being an independence skills residential young people will be cooking all their own food with staff support. We will discuss the food and what they would like to eat in an Enabled session so that I can arrange a Tesco delivery.  To the right is an image of the kitchen facilities in the Bunkhouse.

Please ensure that you have provided any special dietary requirements in the registration form or get in contact with Tom.

Idea of Activities 

The centre is an ideal location and there is tonnes on offer in the surrounding areas. We will be going on walks, going to the beach, exploring forests, having fire pits and BBQ's, animal spotting and lots more. On the Thursday we will be going into Pembroke for the day before coming home so there will be loads to visit and explore there too. 

Things to Bring 

Please think carefully about what you bring it is only for two days and each young person will have certain things that they will need, this is not a one size fits all list so please take that into account when packing. 


Water proof coat

Fleece, hoody or Jumper



T-shirts (short and long sleeved)

Underwear (pack more than you think you’ll need)


Pyjamas (for sleep)

Sun Hat   

Walking Boots (if you have them)


Soap or shower gel



Toothbrush and paste


Sun Cream

Other Items:

Tech items: Please don't go over board on these items ideally a phone and some headphones should be absolutely fine, portable game consoles like a Nintendo switch shouldn't be necessary.

With regards to any phones etc brought, Interplay will take no responsibility for any damage caused to these devices and it will be up to the young people to care for their tech