Early Years 4- 11 Projects

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Early Years Projects for Children aged 11 years and under

Funded by

Wellbeing for Early Years Swansea and Neath Port Talbot

- for dates and time please download leaflet below.

Sessions are open to children who find it difficult to engage in play in mainstream settings and for their siblings (aged 4-11) and are funded by the Western Bay ICF Fund. 

The sessions help children gain the social skills and confidence they need to access mainstream play activities and clubs by providing a safe play environment where they can play with their brothers and sisters and other children their own age. Through attending the sessions children get the opportunity to

*Make new friends*      * Develop self awareness*      * Improve social skills*     * Increase confidence*

Please speak to our Play workers about our group talking therapy sessions for children that need additional support to Increase self awareness and Improve emotional wellbeing. Working with families to help them learn how to work together and support each other. 

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 Play and Wellbeing Service - 6-11, Wednesday and Thursday 3.30pm — 5pm (Term time),
Penplas Family Centre, Swansea (Only)

Interplay Play and Wellbeing Service (PAWS) is funded by Swansea’s Children and Young peoples fund and is for children with disabilities/additional needs. 

During sessions children will get to play in a safe environment where they will be able to have fun while improving their communication skills, interaction and social skills. By being given the opportunity we hope to increase confidence, self-esteem and well-being, leading to better emotional resilience to cope with the increasing need for independence in later life.

Working with families to overcome some of the barriers and help their children access other play and leisure activities as a family or by themselves.  

please email earlyyears@interplay.org.uk

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Intro to Wellebingfor early year Homunculi leaflet.pdf