2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone have to rethink and re-evaluate so many things that we have taken for granted.   COVID-19 has meant that we have all had to work from home to communicate over the Internet, conduct sessions virtually and  find innovative ways to support the children and young people that access our services.

The establishment of out “Stay Safe, Stay Home” provision in April 2020 was a very steep learning curve for us as an organisation, one that would not have been possible without the incredible work the team put in to set up virtual sessions, to find safe ways to communicate online and to ensure that children and young people still got to connect, play and socialise during a time when the whole world was in isolation. Their imagination and creativity is a testament to them as a team, some going as far as turning their gardens in to a place to develop play videos, while other transformed their homes not only into offices, but into techno hubs that rival the set up at NASA, so that we could keep into touch with children and young people on every known platform, including some we have not heard of before.

We have been very pleased with the numbers of children and young people that we have been able to support this year and the positive feedback that we have had about our services. This is what children, young people and families have said about our services this year and how vital those services have been.

"Phone calls have been a good point of contact, nice to have a chat."

"Still being in contact with friends."   "Having contact with people from outside the family."

"Calls help to touch base with someone and talk." "Yes it has kept us in touch with other people."

"Know another point of contact if things get difficult." "Keeps me occupied."

"Made lock down a bit more fun." "Nice to chat and touch base with someone who understands."

"Play packs were fun." "Can speak to friends and see people in zoom."

"Something to look forward to." "The walks have gotten me out of the house."

"Some structure to my day." "Gives me confidence and it is fun." "Can still keep in touch with friends."

"Given her something to look forward too."  "Some routine in the day." "They have kept me entertained and less bored."

"Phone support has been helpful for all the family."  

                       "If he wanted to interact he has the option to, he can chose to engage or not, the walks were a nice break for them as well, fresh air and to interact with friends is important. It is nice to have the support online and on the phone."

".... fun and to be able to release stress and to join in on sessions when I wanted."

"She has enjoyed sessions, special interest to her and gaming she has truly enjoyed and looked forward to sessions, it gave her happiness it gave her. Kept things more normal, talking to people helped a lot."

"Something to do and focus on, every week, routine, regular for her when things are all over the shop. focused family, contact and someone to talk to when feeling isolated."

It is really important that we get feedback from everyone who uses an Interplay service, whether you are a young person or the parent or carer of a young person. Please use the button on the right to let us know how we're doing.