18 - 25 Countryside Residential 

6th to the 8th of August in Stackpole

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Any Questions Please contact Tom on 07752258511 or email to tom.platt@interplay.org.uk

If you have not handed in the form yet could you please send it to the above email ASAP, either as a document or take a clear picture of both sides of the form and send those pictures.

Leaving Times for the 6th of August 

Pick up Times for the 8th of August

Address for  :

Sleeping Arrangements 

Although we will be using a youth hostel we have a group booking so none of the young people will be sharing with members of the public. Also no staff will be sleeping in the same room as the young people unless absolutely necessary or explicitly requested before hand due to the hostel needing signed consent for staff to sleep in the same room as them. Dorms will split by gender and rooms hold up to 4 people. An example of the room is displayed to the left.  All rooms we have been allocated have en-suite bathrooms so the only time they will be amongst the public within the hostel will be for breakfast in the morning. 

For further information regarding the YHA Bristol please refer to their website:



Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday will be in the hostel and will be similar to breakfasts served in the premier inn so a buffet style with cooked breakfast etc. For our meal on Saturday evening we will be going to a buffet restaurant called Za Za Bazaar which serves foods from around the world.  For lunches we will take it as the day goes and see what people fancy on the day as lunch will have to fit around activities. Drinks and snacks will bought throughout the day as and when young people need.

Rough Idea of Activities 

Based off my meeting with the young people the activities we will be undertaking whilst on the residential are:
  • Visit the Aquarium
  • Visit the Christmas market and shopping centre  
  • Guided tour historical tour of Bristol
  • Peter Pan Panto
  • Cinema 
  • Exploring Bristol 
  • Boat river tour 

Things to Bring 

Please think carefully about what you bring it is only two days and each young person will have certain things that they will need, this is not a one size fits all list so please take that into account when packing, so if young people can only bring a back pack that they would be happy to carry around Bristol on the Sunday that would be ideal, a suitcase wouldn't be particularly suitable for this trip. Due to the time of year we will be going it is likely to be cold and rainy so keep this in mind when packing. 


Water proof coat

Fleece, hoody or Jumper


T-shirts (long sleeved)

Underwear (pack more than you think you’ll need)


Pyjamas (for sleep)




Soap or shower gel



Toothbrush and paste


Other Items:

In order to check into YHA all young people will need a photo ID the list of accepted forms of ID can be found through this link :


With regards to any phones etc brought Interplay will take no responsibility for any damage caused to these devices and it will be up to the young people to care for their tech