Play Consultation

Interplay is carrying out a consultation with young people of all ages in the Penderry area to find out what they think about the facilities they have for play and leisure. This information will be used to help improve things for the future as part of the Penderry masterplan.

We want to know what sorts of things you do when you go out to play or to meet your friends, where you go, what you like best about the area or what you would change if you could.

Normally, when we do a consultation with young people we would meet and talk with you in your schools and youth clubs or on the street and get your opinions and ideas that way, but because of the current COVID 19 situation we have to use the web, social media and email.

So, you can get involved and get your voice heard by:
  • checking this web page each week
  • visiting our Facebook page
  • signing up to receive emails from us about the consultation

To sign up for our email questionnaires please type in your email below and click send. We will only use this email address to send you questionnaires as part of the consultation.


Have a look at the map on the right. The bit inside the yellow line is the area covered by the consultation.

Our question this week is a general one about play and leisure in this area:

What do you do and where do you do it?

Make a list and write your answers in the form below.

If you can, please add your age and your postcode as this will help us to work with your information afterwards.