JASC & SWAT Provision

The JASC and SWAT service provides support for children with an additional need/ disability to access mainstream provision that they have not been able to access previously.

Term time

During term time there will be JASC provision to enable primary school children to access their local after school club. Interplay’s JASC play worker will provide short term support for after school clubs when they are integrating a new child with additional needs/ disabilities to access the club. The JASC worker will work with staff and the child to help put together a plan to enable the child to take part in the sessions. After school clubs will be able to contact Interplay and request support for 6-8 sessions to ensure that after school club staff have the tools they need to make the integration work.

Interplay’s SWAT worker will support children that would like to access out of school activities in their local area, or to access special interest or sports clubs. The SWAT worker will work with the child/ young person, staff at the local clubs and families to ensure that the child/young person gets the right support to be able to engage in activities. 

Please  download our leaflet for more information

JASC & SWAT Leaflet 2018.pdf


SWAT provision will be provided throughout the school holidays. 

This can either be support to access a local mainstream play or activity scheme, or to join a club.

As always Interplay has only a limited number of hours to provide SWAT support during holidays. For this reason this service is not open to children/young people that are currently receiving a Direct Payment. However, where possible, Interplay will try to help families receiving a Direct Payment to find paid-for support during the holidays.

please contact earlyyears@interplay.org.uk – specifying that you are looking for JASC or SWAT support and address it to Helen Sleeman – or email helen@interplay.org.uk

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